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Genetic Counseling Center and Hereditary Cancer Program


The Genetic Counseling Center at Baptist Health Lexington was introduced in November 2004, as part of the hospital's commitment to providing high-quality, comprehensive care.  

 If you have a family history of cancer, your chances of a cancer diagnosis may be higher than the average person.  The Hereditary Cancer Program was created to provide counseling and testing services for people with a family history of cancer.

You can use the list below to evaluate your risk for hereditary cancer.  If any of these apply, cancer genetic counseling may be appropriate for you. 

  • A personal or family history of breast, ovarian, colon or uterine cancer diagnosed before age 50
  • Abnormal Immunohistochemistry (IHC) screening of a colon or uterine tumor (indicates an increased risk for a hereditary cancer syndrome)
  • Multiple relatives on the same side of the family with the same or related cancers
  • A personal or family history of a single person in the family with multiple primary cancers
  • A personal or family history of male breast cancer
  • Jewish ancestry and a personal or family history of any of the cancers already mentioned.
  • A known genetic condition in the family (Lynch syndrome, BRCA, etc.)


In the Hereditary Cancer Program, a certified genetic counselor will analyze and discuss your personal risks of developing a cancer. The genetic counselor will also discuss what you and your family can do to lower your chances of getting cancer and increase the chance for early detection if cancer does occur.  You and your healthcare providers can then discuss the best options.


What happens during a genetic counseling appointment?
A genetic counselor will meet with you and obtain a detailed family and medical history. Based on your risk assessment, the genetic counselor will help you understand your options for avoiding or managing the diseases for which you may be at risk. Risks for both you and your family will be discussed. Genetic testing is available for a small but growing number of conditions. The genetic counselor will discuss testing options as well as the benefits, risks, limitations and costs of each test. Further recommendations will be based on your level of risk.


Who is a Genetic Counselor?
Genetic counselors are healthcare providers with specialized training in genetics and genetic conditions. Becoming a genetic counselor requires two years of graduate studies in medical genetics. After completing this training, these individuals must pass board exams to become certified genetic counselors. Our genetic counselors at Central Baptist Hospital are all board certified or are in the process of attaining this certification.


How can I make an appointment?
If you have a condition in your family that you would like to discuss, please call our office at 859-260-4419.  Prior to an appointment, a genetic counselor may contact you to gather preliminary information.


Oncology Annual Reports - click on the following links to view Baptist Health Lexington Oncology Annual Reports, which feature the Genetic Counseling Center and Hereditary Cancer Program:

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The Prenatal Genetics Clinic
The Genetic Counseling Center provides preconception and prenatal genetic counseling to patients who are or would like to become pregnant and have a personal or family history of genetic conditions. These services are provided in cooperation with the staff at the Perinatal Diagnostic Center at Baptist Health Lexington.

Who should be evaluated?
Anyone with...

  • A personal or family history of a genetic condition
  • A child with a genetic condition
  • Screening that indicates that your current pregnancy may be at higher risk for a genetic condition


The General Genetics Clinic
While we see many patients each year in our cancer and prenatal clinics, our patient population for other conditions (including cardiac arrhythmias and neurodegenerative disorders) continues to grow. As we learn more every day about the genetics of more common diseases, more testing and preventative options are becoming available.

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Genetic Counseling Center  Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

1740 Nicholasville Rd.
Lexington, KY  40503

Phone Number: 859-260-4419
Fax Number:  859-260-4462